Preheating &

Preheating &

Stress relieving

Stress relieving

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INPRO® MOERS are the experts in the field of preheating and stress-relieving annealing for nuclear and conventional power plant, process equipment and piping engineering. Our activities also include the development, production and marketing of program-controlled heating systems and ancillary equipment for heat treatment of metal components. For particularly demanding applications, we design and configure tailor-made heating systems and special equipment in close cooperation with the client.

Unbeatable quality and optimum safety, health and environmental protection (SHE) during performance of all work are for INPRO® MOERS an integral element of every project. Numerous certifications, such as that awarded by the TÜV Cert GmbH for our DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System SCCP:2011 (unlimited certification) in the field of SHE management systems confirm the correctness of this philosophy.

INPRO MOERS became a member of the FDBR (Association of Steam Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Piping Manufacturers) in 2009, actively participating in the Welding and Heat Treatment and Quality Assurance workgroups.

Industry sectors

• chemical industry
• industrial suppliers
• automotiv engineering
• machinery & plant construction
• metal industry
• mineral oil & refining
• shipbuilding & Drilling platform
• environment & energy technology


Our extensive specialized knowledge and many years of experience in the field of resistance heating form the basis for the continuous development



In addition to precision spot welders and program-controlled heating systems tested and approved by the “TÜV”, our assembly department also produces



INPRO® MOERS – as your reliable partner – puts all the necessary equipment, expert knowledge and qualified personnel at your disposal 24/7.



INPRO® MOERS supplies all the equipment, accessories, heating elements and consumables necessary for heat-treatment operations.

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Control unit for measuring, controlling, regulating, monitoring and documentation of heat treatments.

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Heating systems

INPRO heating systems are the perfect result of many years of experience, close cooperation with our customers, intensive development work and ultra-modern production methods.

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